Saturday, March 14, 2009


I didn't fly this past week, so I'll take this post to respond to some of the keen comments the last post attracted.

For "Anonymous" who suggested the parallel contrails were the Thuinderbirds going to an airshow: El wrongo. But I suspect that was a jab from a Blue Angels fan. The contrails are miles apart. He/she is absolutely correct about the fire.

gpb0216 isn't too savvy about fires but he's right on the nose with the contrail analysis.

Sequ likes the header and loves the blog. Brad and I thank you.

Scott wants to gather at the river and sing. The Crazy Woman had a fine voice. Jeremiah too.

Dancer asked, "So do you think the scene with the Indian meant they finally reached a truce?" By the way, that indian's name was "Paints His Shirt Red," a fact I know you knew. I think you would enjoy reading Mountain Man, by Vardis Fisher. His tale was the basis of the movie. It will answer your question better than I can. Also, check out Crow Killer by Raymond Thorp. It's the definitive account of John Johnson's life and times, but get ready to be grossed out by Johnson's menu selections. Then there's that classic of mountain man fiction, A.B. Guthrie's Big Sky. A must read.

Dan in Alb got both riddles right. He likes those kind of photographic interpretation challenges. More of them to come.

Squatch got the fire right but botched the contrail riddle, although he put forth a reasonable theory. I'll see what Brad thinks about bringing the Yak back into the header. Can't have bad karma.

Northwest Captain Mike Moe sent me this. He really says that at home.

(From the New Yorker)

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