Sunday, February 8, 2009

New Look

So, how does the new header look? Sorry I had to sanitize it. This age of retribution and litigation is such a curse. None-the-less, my purpose is not to disparage my company.

Am I frustrated with it? Yes. But with the top brass, not my co-workers who, for the most part, work hard and earnestly trying to do a good job. Am I a union man? I belong (got no choice), and I think it has done a great deal of good along with some measure of bad. I wish we didn't need it. But enough of that.

Those of you who comme
nted on I, the Pirate and asked to be forwarded a copy, I would be happy to do it if you will give me your e-mail address.

For this post, only a funny observation: Surely you have gotten one of those e-mail Forwards that lists amusing military and airline maintenance records. (The gripe is the pilot's write-up, the action is the mechanic's action to fix the gripe.) You remember, for example the one that reads,
Gripe: Lost right engine. Action: Couldn't find right engine. Well, here's a real life funky gripe/action for you. It appeared in the maintenance records of a 757 I flew last week. Click to enlarge it.

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