Monday, December 24, 2007

SKV Whipped

The dreaded SKV (Systems Knowledge Validation) is behind me and there will be no retake. I crammed like a teenage nerd in a pie-eating contest for a week and walked into the test center with four hours sleep. I finished the 100 questions in about an hour and a half and wobbled out. And, I suppose you want to know what I made. It's somewhere on the page. 

You'll have to find it. Maybe you're wondering what a sample question would be:

When the RESERVE BRAKES switch is activated, fluid trapped below the standpipe in the ___ hydraulic system reservoir is made available to the ___ system electric hydraulic pump.
a) center, center No. 1
b) center, center No. 2
c) left, left
d) right, right

Okay, so it's not rocket science. But I'm getting too old to memorize so much stuff. And I suppose you want to know the answer. It's on the page somewhere, but I'm not guaranteeing it's correct. Anyway I walked out of there feeling ready to suit up and take on a brace of Migs.

In Evacuation/Ditching class (which followed the test, and through most of which I snooozed) they showed us a picture of the new United first class seats in the 777s and 747s.

Check it out, dude! Your very own office, theater and bedroom! I looked up the ticket fare for this seat on a non-stop trip from San Francisco to Tokyo. I won't make you search for that. $10,785.80. But fret not! If you opt for a 1-stop you can save.... It's on the page.

I'm off for Christmas and about to head to the airport. Got a ticket to ride. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.



scockrell76 said...

Pretty decent score. You should have aced it though. Perhaps you should be "grounded", no pun intended, from playing with your dog until you can score perfect. After all, we all know it is much more important to know all that stuff than to be able to actually take-off, fly, and land the airplane without killing anyone.

Had a lot of fun in T-Town. good luck the rest of the training.

bradcockrell said...

Congrats on whipping the SKV pop! On to the fun stuff.

Esau Family Blog said... maybe your boys can read between the lines, but where is the stupid score!!!