Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Three Mike Five

Friends, I have decided to retire Decision Height, but I won't burn the bridge. If some profound thought captures me maybe I'll recall it to active duty. I will keep it published to the web for those who want to read the archives.

I added a list of Decision Height posts to the sidebar showing my personal favorites over the years.  

Thank you for all the comments and e-mail urging me to keep writing. I'm taking your advice. I'm continuing to write on book and story ideas, and I have begun a new blog, entitled, "Three Mike Five (3M5)." Here's the link:


Come on over. I would be happy to have you follow it.


So do I, Hunter.

So Long


Dave said...

Thanks for taking us along with you. I've enjoyed reading your stories, perspectives and vision of an industry that is equal parts wonder and frustration.

Thanks for the trip.

K1MGY said...

Thanks for everything. Wonderful stories from a true human being.

All the best from Boston.

Cedar Glen said...

Hello Alan,
I'm sorry to hear your announcement, yet not surprised. I've enjoyed your writings -and your books for some years. You can bet that I'll link to your new blog as await some well arranged words. If there is anything missing from this old space, it is an extended report of your last quarter with That Airline - and your treatment by same. Of course it is history, but now, without restrictions, you should get that off your chest. Best wishes and I'll see you on the other page before long. -Craig

Frank Van Haste said...

See you on the far side!


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to following (3M5). Today's blog brought a smile to my face and a lump to my throat.